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What is Regression Therapy?

  • Regression Therapy is a psychotherapeutic technique that involves recovering and reliving past experiences cathartically.
  • Cathartic reliving of past events means to uncover and release the repressed emotional/physical/cognitive/traumatic wounds that are still affecting a person's overall wellbeing.
  • The insight achieved from the reliving and processing of emotions through this experience leads to healing. 


Our past greatly affects our current experience of life both positively and negatively (if unresolved). With/without our knowledge, it continues to shape our lives.


  • Current life regressions include going back to one's childhood/past experiences and healing the inner child that went through emotional, physical, psychological, or traumatic difficulties. 
  • Past-life regression therapy includes working with apparent past lives as roots for some recurring patterns, beliefs and experiences.


Whether past lives are true or not, we cannot prove, however, there are ways of distinguishing those memories from imagination. Regardless, it is a great avenue and modality for deeply processing your emotions through the reliving of all that is repressed. 


Feel free to have an open conversation with your therapist about the same or sign up for an exploration session. It's okay to be skeptical and curious in the beginning! One doesn't need to believe in it to have a successful experience of it. 

Our regression therapist is trained in providing this modality in a clinical and psychotherapeutic structure that involves regression, catharsis, energy work and integration. 

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Facing the following issues? 
Regression Therapy is an option for you!

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